Myths about Study in Ireland

Myths about Study in Ireland

Myths about Study in Ireland

Want to Study in Ireland? But myths and misconceptions are holding you back. Studying in Ireland is full of myths that influence many international students to hesitate in applying to Irish Universities and miss their dreams of Study Abroad. These myths hold them back from making decisions. Let’s see how the Irish Education System works in reality. This blog post will try to clear the common Myths about Study in Ireland. Check it out below!

Myths about Ireland

  1. The Irish are drunk all the time- There is absolutely no truth in it. It’s true that pub culture is very popular in Ireland, but there’s no evidence to show that Irish people are drinking any more than UK or European counterparts. In fact, according to the latest survey, Ireland comes at 7th position behind Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany in per capita beer consumption.
  2. Irish people created the term “luck of the Irish”- This term is actually not invented by the Irish. It came into existence during the gold rush of the late 19th century in the United states, where many Irish migrants went and became gold miners. Hence this term came into existence.
  3. Leprechauns are real little green people- This one is really fake. Unfortunately, there is no existence of Leprechauns – the real green little people except in gift shops. This is a popular myth about Ireland that Leprechauns are mischievous little fellows who drink heavily. These are only things of legend.
  4. The Irish Greeting “top of the morning to ya”- While this is an actual Irish greeting, but no one in Ireland say actually “top of the morning to ya”. This phrase has originated from the idea of unhomogenized milk where cream rises to the top. But a simple “hello” will do.
  5. There exists a border between Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland- Totally wrong. There’s no checkpoint and you can drive straight through the non-existent border between Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland. There is no need to show a passport.
  6. They love an “Irish goodbye”- Irish goodbye is an unfortunate typecast made to mean a person leaving without properly saying goodbye. On the other hand, this phrase is popular in the USA to mean a person leaving without properly saying goodbye since he is under the influence of alcohol. Irish people are famous for their friendliness, don’t worry about their rude exits.
  7. Irish people eat corned beef & cabbage- Corned beef & cabbage isn’t actually on the Irish menu, but rather Irish American cabbage. This dish was created when Irish American Immigrants in New York started eating meat. In fact, the traditional Irish menu is bacon and cabbage.
  8. Pinching Irish people on St. Patrick’s day is acceptable,- Don’t do this unless you want to start a fight
  9. You can’t cover Ireland in one day- It’s actually possible to cover and drive across the width of Ireland in 1 day.
  10. All Irish people are redhead- Only 10% of the Irish people are red-haired

Myths about Study in Ireland

  1. Studying in Ireland is Expensive- As compared to other nations of the world, the cost of studying in Ireland comes to around INR 8-14 lakhs a year. This is comparatively lower than other top destinations such as the USA, UK & Australia. A Master degree costs around INR 15 lakhs annually just in Ireland.
  2. Very less Scholarships available- There are numerous Irish scholarships given to International students every year. These scholarships are available as fully funded or partially funded to all bright minds depending on the course and university. They are majorly of three types available:
    1. Government of Ireland Scholarships
    2. University Scholarships
    3. Scholarships offered by Other Organizations
  3. Less Jobs available in Ireland- Ireland ranks best among International students to cater to their study interests. Besides the finest education system in Ireland, it also boasts of low cost of living, affordable accommodations, and cheap transportations. Ireland has the lowest employment rate of 5% and the new Third level Graduate scheme makes Ireland’s job market quite favorable to international students.
  4. Only the English language proficiency will decide the fate of Student Visa- Consular officers will not decide the fate of Student Visa based on a student’s English language proficiency. Other language proficiency of the student and his overall competence will also decide his chance of getting a student visa.

The Myth of Ireland Student Visa

Many of students who apply for Ireland Student Visa believe in common myths spread around the visa, so let’s check the reality behind common misconceptions:

  1. Ireland puts a limit to the number of Student Visas issued in International students- Visas issued by the Irish embassies & consulates around the world are not limited to any number of students. If you are a qualified student visa applicant who has qualified for admission in an Irish university, the government will not stop you from grabbing this opportunity.
  2. Improved chances of getting a Student Visa if you hire an education agent- Don’t pay any money or entertain any self-proclaimed visa agents or fixers. They have no special permissions or access to the Irish embassies or consulates.
  3. A Visa applicant has to submit a minimum income level- The student visa applicant has to submit proof of funds of either parents or sponsors to afford his tuition fees and cost of living during his academic tenure.
  4. Only the outstanding students get Irish student visas- The truth is the opposite. Student Visas are not reserved for academic superstars, but yes it also depends on whether the candidate has got admission in Irish university or colleges or not. You have to also demonstrate to the visa officer that you have an already prepared plan of study and are fully knowledgeable about the subjects you’re studying.
  5. During the Student Visa Interview, the Consular officer would like to hear only the correct answers- There is absolutely no truth in it. A Consular officer would like to hear honest answers and descriptions regarding any questions or queries during the student visa interview.
  6. Irish Student Visa will only be given if you have any relatives in Ireland- Totally false! The Consular officer may ask you about your relatives in Ireland casually in the same way if he asks about you and your family in India or your family situation.
  7. International Students are not allowed to work on a Student Visa- International students are allowed to work part-time while on a Student Visa during their on-campus study programs.
  8. You’ve to submit the entire future plan to get a Student Visa- You needn’t to submit your entire future plan, but yes a realistic future plan you can present to the consular officer.


There are so many Myths about Study in Ireland. Our blog post has tried to separate fact from fiction to help you clear the doubts in the air. We’ve cleared the most common Myths about Ireland and the myths about Ireland student visas to help you decide if studying in Ireland is right for you. If you found this post useful, kindly like & share this post.

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