What are the Benefits of Studying in UK?

Benefits of Studying in UK

What are the Benefits of Studying in UK?

Are you interested in studying Abroad in the UK? Students all around the world have always been attracted to Study in UK. By 2030, it is expected to have 6,00,000 International students from around the world. The UK has today become a benchmark for students around the world in higher studies. From the globally-renowned universities to the vibrant multicultural society, there are many Benefits of Studying Abroad in UK. Let’s explore the advantages!

Top 10 Reasons to Study in UK

From having some of the top universities in the world to an excellent free healthcare system (NHS), the UK today has become the preferred destination for international students. Let’s shed some light on the Top 10 Reasons to Study in UK.

  • Academic Excellence- The UK is home to some of the best prestigious universities of the world such as University of Oxford & University of Cambridge. Around 8 UK universities rank in Top 100 QS World university rankings. Degrees from UK universities are respected all around the globe. A degree from any UK university will look splendid on your CV.
    1. Top Ranking Universities in UK
UniversitiesQS World University Rankings 2022
University of Oxford2
University of Cambridge3
Imperial College London7
University College London8
University of Edinburgh16
University of Manchester27
King’s College London35
  • Work while you Study- UK Student Visa allows you to work 20 hours a week during your semester studies. Working while you study gives you an opportunity to earn and support your studies. It also lets you develop expertise in your chosen area of industry.
  • Wide variety of courses to choose- There is a wide variety of courses to choose from Top universities of the UK. Right from arts and humanities, engineering & technology to life sciences and medical degrees, all top-ranked courses are available from the UK universities. All of these courses are research-based.
  • Free Healthcare- International students who are in the UK for more than 6 months are entitled to NHS healthcare cover. This means that you needn’t worry about healthcare costs if need arises. Only thing you have to do once you arrive in the UK is to register with a local doctor. You can register it either locally or through onsite at university.
  • Flexibility- All the Universities in the UK offer tremendous flexibility in choosing the courses. Universities and colleges in the UK allow international students to build their own courses by combining subjects they are most passionate about. Flexibility is one of the major Benefits of studying in the UK. So, you get a chance to combine academic learning with vocational training to improve your chances in the job market.
  • Assured Quality in Higher Studies- If you’ve decided to Study Abroad in UK, you’re assured of guaranteed quality in higher studies. Each of the universities in UK are subjected to regular QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) inspection to ensure that government-set guidelines for teaching, learning, and research are maintained. It is due to this strict quality check that both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the UK are highly recognised around the world.
  • Research-based programs- UK universities are renowned for producing world-class research papers. All of its course curriculum is research-based. They provide state-of-the-art research facilities and infrastructure so that students can conduct valuable research in their areas of interest. Pursuing research-based programs is one of the top reasons to Study in UK.
  • Post-Study Work Opportunities- Started on 1st July 2021, the “New Graduate Route” allows foreign students to stay back in countries even after completion of their studies. International students can stay back in the UK and start looking for jobs for 2 years after completion of graduate and post-graduate programs. For PhD degree holders, the time extension has been increased to 3 years post completion of their studies.
  • Shorter duration of Courses- Undergraduate degree in UK takes around just 3 years to complete and a master’s degree takes just 1 year. This is a much shorter duration of course than a 4-year undergraduate degree in the USA and 2 years master degree. Tuition fees are also much lower than in Australia & USA. This means you get the double benefit of completing your course quickly and saving lots of money also. One of the great reasons to Study Abroad in UK.
  • Chance to meet people from different backgrounds- Studying abroad in UK gives you a chance to meet people from different backgrounds, cultures & religions. It will help you to grow in a way that you’ve never imagined and will completely change your thought process & personality. You’ll become a learned person.

Study in UK – Admission Intakes

Autumn/Fall IntakeSeptember to December
Spring IntakeJanuary to April
Summer IntakeApril to June

Student Visa Requirements – Study in UK

  • Letter of acceptance from a recognized UK University
  • English Language proficiency test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE)
  • Proof of Financial funds to support you and pay for your course.
  • Current Passport photocopy
  • Tuberculosis screening for South Asian Students
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number
  • Passport-sized color photographs
  • Aged 16 or over.

Student Visa Fee- 363 GBP is charged as the application fee for the Student Visa processing.

Study Abroad in UK – Tips for Student Visa

  • Don’t postpone your Student Visa appointment until the last minute. It takes at least 3 working weeks to get a Student Visa appointment.
  • Start your Visa process at least 6 months in advance before applying for admission.
  • Keep the  certificate of acceptance for studies (CAS) from your selected university before the visa application process actually starts.
  • Check whether your university is an approved one before applying.

Final Words

Now that you have enough reasons to Study in UK, take the next step forward and choose among the various UK Universities. UK is one of the most popular countries to study in the world. They are also home to some of the oldest and best universities in the world such as University of Oxford & University of Cambridge. One of the major Benefits of Studying in UK is that the education system encourages practical approach & creative learning.

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