How to get Student Visa for Singapore?

Student Visa For Singapore

How to get Student Visa for Singapore?

Are you Planning to Study in Singapore? Singapore has made its name among the world’s best countries in terms of standard of living, cultural diversity, and financial success. Want to know about How to get a Student Visa for Singapore? Well, you are in the right place. If you’re an international student and intend to enroll for any academic course in Singapore lasting more than 30 days, you must apply for a Student Visa. In Singapore, a Student visa is also a Student Pass. Also, the universities in this country are known as Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). You’ve to submit the application for a Student Visa or Pass to the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration (SOLAR) system. The SOLAR system is the country’s official registration system. Read this blog to learn about the process and requirements for obtaining a Student Visa for Singapore.

Benefits of the Singapore Student Visa

  • Variety of courses and programs to choose
  • Stay in a Safe Country
  • Hub for Research & Innovation
  • Global Business Center
  • Work after completing degree

Singapore Study Visa Requirements

To become eligible for Singapore Study Visa, you’ve to submit the following documents:

  1. Your current passport, with a minimum validity of three months.
  2. All main Student visa application forms such as Form 16 (the main application form for Student Visa) and Form V36 (containing additional information on the applicant).
  3. The original receipt showing the proof of the payment of the visa application fees.
  4. Your bank statements prove your capability to fund your education in Singapore. Funding your education includes both tuition fees and cost of living in Singapore.
  5. If you’ve applied for a Student loan, then submit the proof of the Bank loan sanction letter.
  6. Proof of investments if any.
  7. Any degrees, diplomas, & certificates transcripts of your school.
  8. GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL or PTE Scores required by your chosen college.

Singapore Study Visa Fees in Indian Rupees

Students who’re applying for Singapore Study Visa has to pay the following Visa Fees in Indian Rupees:

  • Processing Fee: You have to pay a processing fee of S$30 (INR 1,830 approx.) for your Study Visa application submitted to the Singapore immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA). Please take note that this fee is non-refundable. If you’re using SOLAR+ (Student’s Pass On-Line Application & Registration) system, then you have to make payment by credit/debit card or internet banking.
  • Issuance Fee: You’ve to pay S$60 (Rs 3,657 approx.) issuance fee if you successfully complete the formality to collect the Study Visa. A further S$30 (INR 1830 approx.) a visa fee will be charged for multiple entries.

When to Apply for a Singapore Student Visa?

You can start applying for your Singapore Student Visa after you receive a formal, written invitation to join an IHL (Institutes of Higher Learning). Singapore Study visas are processed very swiftly. In case, if you’ve fulfilled all the Singapore Study Visa requirements, you may get your Study Visa within 15 days to 1 months. However, the immigration officers may ask students to appear for an interview at the embassy if they need more information. In such cases, it can take upto four months to process the Study Visa.

Universities typically suggest that you should apply your visa application at least a month before your course commencement date. But, it is always better to apply for a Student Visa at least two months in advance.

Types of Singapore Student Visas

Singapore Student Visas are accepted in all 34 IHLs (Institute of Higher Learnings) in Singapore that accept International Students.

  • Student Visa based on the duration of the program- You can apply for a Short-term and Long-term Student Visa depending on the duration of the program. The Short-term Student Visa is for those International Students who intend to pursue certificate or diploma programs of max. upto 3 months duration. If you’re interested in gaining admission in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program, you’ll require a Long-term Student Visa.
  • Student Visa based on the type of program you wish to attend- This Student Visa will include the details of the course you’ll be pursuing. Singapore offers a wide variety of courses such as Diplomas, Certificate, Vocational, & Practical-oriented training courses, besides the popular ones such as Bachelor’s and Master’s.

Process of Applying for a Student Visa for Singapore

You need to submit a Student Visa between one to two months before your course actually begins. These are the steps to follow while applying for a Student Visa for Singapore:

  • The IHL registers the Student Visa application on the SOLAR on your behalf.- First of all, get an admission letter from your chosen IHL in Singapore and ensure that they are registered with the SOLAR system. The Singapore IHL provides your details such as your name, nationality, date of birth, gender and the name of the course etc. to SOLAR details. IHL will also provide you with an application reference number where you can use this number to access SOLAR.
  • Submit Form 16 & Form V36- The next step is to log in to the SOLAR website to submit e-form 16. Ensure that you keep the following details ready before you log in:
    • IHL provided Registration acknowledgement note and login information.
    • Your passport number and expiration date
    • Your address and contact details in Singapore. If you don’t have these details, you can provide your IHL’s registered address.
    • Your email address
    • A recent passport-sized photograph
  • Pay the Application Fee- Once again, review your application form and pay the required application processing fee of SGD 30 (INR 1830 approx.)

Singapore Student Visa Processing Time

It usually takes up to 10 to 15 business days for your Singapore study visa application to be processed. However, you should note that it may take longer if you are applying in July- August, since this is a busy time when most universities in Singapore resume their courses. Processing times for a Singapore Study Visa may also take longer if you have submitted an incomplete application or have a complex case.

Minimum IELTS score required for a Singapore Study Visa

In order to qualify to study in a recognized IHL center in Singapore, International students have to score at least 6.0.

Can I use my Student Visa to gain employment in Singapore?

Yes, of course, Singapore permits students to work part-time for a maximum of 15 hours per week on your Student Visa.

Can you bring a family member on a Singapore Student Visa?

No. International students are not permitted to bring family members with them while on a Study Visa. However, a spouse and dependent children of full-time graduate students can receive sponsorship from your university to apply for a Social Visit Pass – which allows them to visit and stay in Singapore for up to 4 weeks.

Is it difficult to get a Singapore Student Visa?

Singapore Student Visa processing is quick and easy and you can easily enroll for an IHL in Singapore. The Success rate of Singapore Student Visa is around 93%.

Final Thoughts!

Singapore is  one of the best study abroad destinations near India. It provides the right infrastructure and environment to give International Students the best career opportunities. Although, there is a stiff competition for getting enrolled in Singapore Universities, with determination, hard work, and proper planning you can gain an admission for yourself and take the first step toward a bright career.

We hope that this blog has provided you with the details of all the steps to obtain a Singapore Student Visa. Please like and share this post. Leave a Reply.

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