Masters in Business Analytics in Canada for Indian Students

Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

Masters in Business Analytics in Canada for Indian Students

The multidisciplinary Master of Science in Business Analytics STEM postgraduate professional program combines ideas from data science, informatics, statistics, business intelligence, and information theory with a focus on practical business applications. One of the best places for an MBA right now is Canada. A staggering number of students are heading to Canada for graduate studies, attracted by the country’s diverse student population, easy immigration procedure and lucrative prospects. An MBA is the choice of the vast majority of international students hoping to obtain a Canadian PR and passport. Masters in Business Analytics in Canada is a great program that offers a variety of career options after completion of the course. Business analytics in Canada provide the analytical insight that is needed to achieve company goals. Her key areas of expertise include big data analytics, supply chain analytics, data visualization, energy analytics, and consumer analytics, among others. Through this blog, we are going to discuss Masters in Business Analytics in Canada and some facts about study in Canada. So let’s begin.

Why Masters in Business Analytics in Canada?

A country where individuals from many cultures coexist is Canada. As a result, earning a masters in business analytics in Canada is a great choice for those who want to interact with individuals from all backgrounds and have in-depth conversations about anything and everything. On the other hand, Canada is believed to offer one of the best education systems and faculties, which is why so many students choose Canada as their top choice for higher education overseas. According to legend, it is the best place in the world to learn and offers students a variety of jobs to do while studying. In addition, it improves the daily life of students because they have a solid income and can cover their expenses. When learning, students encounter many cultures, which encourages creativity and fresh ideas. It is also well known that Canadian education is cheaper than American education. Here, education is cheap and in-depth. In addition, Canada is home to some of the best institutions and universities in the world to study Business Analytics in Canada at Master’s level. These institutions can regularly appear in top university rankings such as those published by Times Higher Education, QS Research, etc. It is no wonder that every year around 500,000 students from all over the world come to Canada to learn, train and earn thanks to the country’s stability, stunning geography, strong legal system, and low crime rate.

Some universities that offer MBA in Canada

More than 40 institutions and universities offer MBA programs in Canada. An average GMAT score of 550-720 is required to study for an MBA in one of Canada’s top MBA programs. Compared to other popular study destinations, an MBA program in Canada is one of the most advantageous for international students. Some of the best universities and business schools in the world are located in Canada, where students can learn analytical skills such as creating and implementing process tests, data review, financial forecasting, gap analysis, conducting qualitative and quantitative research, and integrating technical aspects and validation findings. In addition, students would improve their ability to communicate, think critically, negotiate and solve problems. After graduation, these technical skills will undoubtedly help students succeed in various economic fields. Here are the best universities in Canada.

  • University of British Columbia Sauder School of business
  • University Canada West
  • Thompson River University
  • Brook University
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster DeGroote School of Business
  • Vancouver Island University

Eligibility and Admission Process

Different Canadian universities have different requirements and admission procedures for their Master in Business Analytics programs. To learn more about the unique application process, applicants must go to the institution’s website. But below are some average eligibility criteria-

  • A university-recognized bachelor’s degree in any field Despite the fact that most institutions need a 4-year bachelor’s degree( 16 years of Education), some could potentially accept a 3-year degree.
  • 3-5 years of relevant job experience in any connected subject. Institutions favor students who have at least a year of job experience.
  • IELTS requirement of Minimum 7.0 and no less than 6.5.
  • For admission to a reputable Canadian University, you must have a GMAT score between 500 and 700 out of 800.

Documents required for Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

  1. Passport (Front and Back)
  2. IELTS scorecard
  3. 10th Grade Marksheet,12th  Grade Mark Sheet, Bachelor Marksheet semester-wise, backlog certificate, and degree/Provisional certificate.
  4. Post Graduation-Documents ( if any)
  5. Work experience certificate(if any)
  6. Internship letters (If any)
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. Two Letters of Recommendation
  9. Detailed CV
  10. GMAT Score (If required)

Types of MBA in Canada

  1. Full-Time MBA– to provide the student with the tools they need to successfully enter the workforce as a leader and to understand the diversity of the Canadian workforce. Students have the option to enroll in full-time studies for an average period of one to two years. In addition, it provides the opportunity to work with specialists from around the world while providing business insights from some of the world’s best instructors. Through global courses, an integrated curriculum, international field studies and many other opportunities, international students are exposed to global experiences.
  2. Executive MBA– It is designed for students who want to combine academic learning with practical business experience while studying in Canada. The program offers several opportunities for professional and personal growth and usually lasts 13 months.

Some facts about study in Canada

  • The world’s largest blue whale skeleton is in the province of British Columbia, Canada
  • You can take advantage of the 18 km covered walkway that connects more than 100 buildings in downtown Calgary with 60 suspension bridges.
  • Since Canada provides the best educational opportunities, living conditions, and career chances, many Indian students choose to study there every year. Due to the availability of these resources, study in Canada has become the best choice for Indian students who want to study abroad. Canada has undoubtedly become a popular choice for those looking to study abroad, with more than 100 universities there that provide top-notch programs in every field.
  • Canada is now at the top of the list of the most popular places to study abroad. Nowadays, international students look at it as one of the best destinations for higher education. A high-quality education, lenient post-graduation immigration, employment regulations, and a moderate cost of living all make sense for international students looking to earn a degree in Canada. A safe and secure future with growing employment should be considered when choosing the right place to study. The country of Canada is an excellent place for various things including personal development, lifestyle improvement, education, health improvement, and medical care. Moving abroad to continue your education in another country is a big step. You have to be prepared and stay confident.
  • Today’s culture demands much more from the worker than just shiny academic degrees. It counts what you do inside and outside the classroom. There are several extracurricular activities available in Canada. Modern facilities and technology are available on campuses to inspire you to think about participating in extracurricular activities. Colleges place a high value on athletics, live performances, and community service. Take advantage of Canada’s vast geographical diversity, which includes great mountains, lakes, and exotic beaches, and venture outside of your university.


Business analytics has seen a remarkable metamorphosis in recent times due to the development of data science. Students usually try to choose between MBA and MBAN. An MBA is often the default choice. However, candidates now have more options to consider with the development of other, more technical courses and programs such as the MBAN. With all that said above, international candidates will not regret choosing a master’s program because they will undoubtedly enjoy it both during and after their studies. Anyone looking for information to apply for a Masters in Business Analytics in Canada can find it in this article. Through this blog, we discussed Masters in Business Analytics in Canada and some facts about study in Canada.

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