Why I would consider to study at Exeter University

Hello my name is Tommy, I am 17 years old and Uni Direct have asked me to share my journey to university with you. Part of my job is to create blog articles. Recently, I visited Exeter University for a tour and I would like to share my experience from my visit in this article. Exeter University is one of the top universities in the UK and based off of my experience I would consider to study at Exeter University.


About Exeter University

Exeter is a city located in the South-West of England in a county called Devon. It is a fairly large city with a population of around 130,000. Exeter is a nice city with great infrastructure, good shopping and many sports teams which you can join or watch. However the best feature about Exeter is the university. The University of Exeter has a staggering 25,000 students studying there. Which is almost 20% of the entire population of Exeter. With students coming from 130 different countries.

This shows that Exeter University is very diverse as people from all over the planet decide to study here. This is something I am really looking for in a university as I am excited about meeting new people from around the world.


One of the main features that stood out to me on my visit to Exeter University was the incredible facilities. The campus spans over a 100 acres yet is easily accessible with the fantastic transport which the university provides. There are also maps and signs dotted across the campus if you get lost or need a pointer on where to go. The buildings are all modern designs, which not only makes them look nice, but also gives students a fantastic place to study, eat or hang out in general.

I am personally very into sports, especially football. Therefore seeing the sports facilities at Exeter University amazed me to the point where I would consider to study at Exeter University. Exeter University have got multiple football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts and more. They have the facilities for pretty much any sports you can think of. They also have a large gym which is regularly used by many of the students. I personally like going to the gym, therefore having one that close would be very useful for me.



The accommodation at Exeter University is mainly all on campus. They do, however, have sites which are off campus that are only a short walk away from the university. The accommodation is split into 2 different types: catered and self-catered. Catered is the more expensive one. However, you get breakfast and dinner free of charge. The downside to this is that breakfast and dinner are restricted to a certain time, therefore if you miss this time then you don’t get served. In my opinion, I would prefer to have self catered accommodation since it is cheaper and teaches me important life skills for when I get my own house. Finally, the campus’s setting is up on a hill, and some of the accommodation has beautiful views over the Devon countryside.

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Exeter University which is a top Russel group university is also one of the largest universities in the UK. With over 25000 students studying there. Part of the reason students are so attracted, and why I enjoyed my visit to Exeter University is because of how friendly everyone is! When I first arrived, I was a bit lost on where to meet, so I asked a student and she was extremely nice and gave me directions to the main reception.

As well as this our tour guides were 2 students at the university who were both really good. They would always answer any questions we had and were very informative while showing us around the different areas. Part of the reason I enjoyed my trip so much and would consider applying to Exeter for University would be due to how nice and friendly the students are as it would mean I am able to make friends easier and just overall make my experience much nicer and has made me consider studying at Exeter University.


While on the visit to Exeter University, our guides talked to us a lot about societies. A society is basically like a club where you get to do something you enjoy with other people. These are really good and I recommend everyone who goes to university to join a society as you can socialise with people who have similar interests as you in-which you can build friendships from. This is important as generally when you first go to university you don’t have many friends, so joining a society would be the perfect way to build friendships and a social life. Exeter University is especially good for societies. This is due to the fact that they have so many to choose from. They literally have anything you can imagine.

For example they have the main football society, but they also have an in university league where different subjects create there own football team and compete if you are looking for more chilled out sessions. They even have random societies like the chocolate and the hide and seek societies. Personally, I am interested in doing the football society and the climbing society. This is due to the fact that I already play a lot of football and enjoy it so want to continue. I want to take up climbing as it is relatively new to me and interests me a lot. With the societies, you get your own custom jumpers. You can wear these to represent your society which is pretty cool as well.

If you are interested in Exeter University or just want any general university application tips then be sure to contact us now.

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