Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indian Students

Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indian Students

Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indian Students

Are you looking for a part-time job in the USA? Then you’re at the right place! Many Indian students search for Part-Time Jobs in the USA while study in USA. Usually, you’re permitted to work 20 hours a week during semester term. A student can also work up to 40 hours per week when classes are not in session. Let’s check out some of the best Part-Time Jobs in the USA.

Find Part-Time Jobs in USA

Finding Part-Time Jobs in the USA might prove difficult to you, especially if you’re an International student with no professional network. Check out some of the sites to search for

Finding a part-time job in the United States might be difficult, especially if you are an overseas student Here are some sites to seek for part-time work in the United States:

  • Typical university offices/Student Union/Career Services: Here most of the time you’ll discover assistance and possibilities. They not only provide specialized career services, but also internship and part-time on-campus possibilities.
  • Online portals: If you are unable to find work offline, one of the most efficient ways to search for part-time work is through online job boards such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and others.

Many overseas students look for jobs throughout their study abroad education. When looking for Part-Time Jobs in the USA, it is necessary to consider various factors, such as the regulations in your place of study, and the number of hours you may work based on your visa type, if applicable.

8 Best Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indian Students

  • Teaching Assistant- The job responsibility includes assisting the professor in their day-to-day teaching responsibilities. Job responsibilities include preparing lectures, preparing & checking assignments, helping students, etc.
  • Research Assistant- One of the best Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indian Students. Primary responsibilities include helping supervisors with various projects, data collection and analysis, maintaining the lab, etc.
  • Library Assistant- The job responsibility includes helping in running the library smoothly. Providing assistance in  shelving library material, making recommendations of useful books, helping customers, etc.
  • Peer Tutor- Your job responsibility will include teaching a fellow student who is not doing well in his studies. You have to help him with course content, assignments, etc.
  • Department Assistant- Counted as one of the best Part-Time Jobs in the USA. The main responsibility includes providing administrative and secretarial support to the designated department.
  • Catering Assistant and Food Runner- Provide help in the kitchen and deliver the food to customers, maintain hygiene, and such similar roles.
  • Campus Ambassador- Main task involves promoting the university. A great job choice for students who like interacting with new people.
  • Campus Tech Support- If you are comfortable with computers, you can take responsibility for Campus tech support. The job openings are available at libraries, classrooms, laboratories, and departments.

On Campus Part-Time Jobs in USA

You can choose to work in different types of positions according to your caliber. Let’s see some of the best On Campus Part-Time Jobs in the USA. 

JobAverage Salary
Research Study Assistant$17,00 /hourly
Teaching Assistants$14.65/hourly
Catering Assistants$15.60/hourly
Library Page$13.65/hourly
Department Assistant$18.00/hourly

On Campus Part-Time Jobs Roles in USA

Job RolesSalary
Tutor or peer mentor$21.31/hourly
Teaching Assistant$11.85/hourly
Library assistant$13.24/hourly
Food runner or catering assistant$16.81/hourly
Research study assistant$15.48/hourly
Department Assistant$16.44/hourly
Sales assistant$20.00/hourly
Campus ambassador$10.94/hourly

Off-campus Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Indian Students:

  1. Call centers:- This is a good job opening for anyone who is outgoing and wants to increase his communication abilities. A candidate needs above average communication and language abilities.  Customer service centers also provide the option of working from home.  These job openings are found on websites such as Simply Hired, college grad, and others.
  2. Store associates:- The role is to assist customers and supply them with the necessary product information. Depending on your location, you can choose to work in neighboring Walmarts, food shops, and so on.
  3. Language interpreters and translators:- The United States has vast commercial transactions with Spain, Japan, Korea, India, and China. As a result, a large number of Translators are needed to deal with these foreign clients. Translators are also needed in hospitals, courts, and schools, so students may apply according to their level and interests.
  4. Tourist Guide:- You can choose to work as a part-timer at an amusement park or a resort as a Tourist Guide. Choose from many shifts based on your school hours and get paid hourly.

Part-Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students Salary

Let’s see some of the Part-Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students Salary:

Job RolesSalary (approx.)
Campus Ambassador$11.00 per hour
Barista$11.50 per hour
Teaching assistant$12.00 per hour
Library assistant$12.25 per hour
Receptionist$13.00 per hour
Research study assistant$15.00 per hour
Department assistant$16.50 per hour
Food runner or catering assistant$16.70 per hour
Sales assistant$20.00 per hour
Tutor or peer mentor$21.50 per hour

Online Part-Time Jobs in USA

With the advancement of technologies, now it has become easier for Indian students to do an online part time job in the USA. Let’s check some online-based part time jobs which you can easily start working.

Social media manager$22.00 /hourly
HR recruiter$21.00 /hourly
Translator$22.00 /hourly
Online tutor$15.25/hourly
Graphic Designer$22.00/hourly
Business development manager$35,00/hourly
Content Writer$23.00/hourly
Data entry agent$10.25/hourly
Web developer$23.50/hourly
Video Editor$22.50/hourly

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

You can also choose to work outside the campus, Here below you will get all list of some  Off Campus Part-Time Jobs

JobsAverage Salary
Call centers$17.25/hourly
Store associates$10.25/hourly
Language interpreters and translators$20.35/hourly
Tourist Guide$22.90/hourly

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a part-time job allowed in the USA?

Yes, part-time jobs are allowed for International students in the USA. The US student visa allows you to work on-campus up to 20 hours per week when school is in session and full-time during school break periods (up to 40 hours per week). People pursue part-time jobs to supplement their income or gain work experience.  Overall, part-time jobs in the USA for International students are legal. It is one of the most popular ways to earn part-time income for International students.

What is the best part-time job in the USA?

Let’s see some of the best part-time jobs in the USA

  • Library monitor
  • Teaching assistant
  • Academic department assistant
  • University bookstore assistant
  • Sales job
  • Tour guide
  • Peer tutor
  • Production assistant (at universities)
  • Campus tech support
  • Barista
  • Research assistant
  • Babysitter

How much can I earn in a part-time job in the USA?

The best paying part time jobs in the USA pays  students with an average of 10 USD to 15 USD per hour. The minimum wage for a part-time job in the USA is USD 7.25 per hour. You can get paid per hour or make a weekly salary based on how much work you complete each week. The part-time salary you will earn will depend on a number of factors, including your industry, experience level, and geographic location. You should always think about a part-time job that allows you to balance your studies and personal life while earning a little extra money.

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