Study Masters in USA Without GRE for Indian Students

Study Masters in USA Without GRE

Study Masters in USA Without GRE for Indian Students

Is the GRE mandatory for Masters in the USA? These questions arise in a lot of International students applying for graduate studies. Well! Here is the good news! Fortunately, there are a lot of GRE waiver universities in the USA. Top universities in the US without GRE requirements is not a myth anymore. Most of the top-rated Masters universities in the US are beginning to depend less on GRE as an indicator of a candidate’s ability for graduate studies. They have started giving importance to SOPs, LORs, & extra-curricular activities. This blog post is for you if  you want to know more details about Without GRE Universities In USA. In this blog post, let’s find out the top universities for Masters in the USA without GRE!

When do Universities allow GRE waivers?

  • Extraordinary Average Grade Point (GPA)- Some of the Universities in the USA focus on academic excellence only and waive the GRE score. They overlook the requirement for the GRE/GMAT scores. So, if your average grade point is above 3.2 on a scale of 0 to 4, there is no need to submit a GRE score.
  • Undergraduate Research Papers/ Internships- US University may grant you a GRE waiver if you have maintained exceptional achievement and a great profile. Universities may applaud you by rewarding various perks, and GRE waivers if your achievements include research papers, internships, academic excellence, & social contribution, etc.
  • Work Experience- If the candidate has relevant work experience of four to five years or more than that, his GRE score may be waived. Mention your professional skills, effective communication skills, job responsibilities, and career achievements in the waiver email.

Without GRE Universities in USA

There are multiple Without GRE Universities In the USA where you don’t need to submit GRE scores as a part of the graduate studies application or keep it as an optional submission. Here is the list of Top Universities in USA without GRE:

University NameQS World University RankingsCourses Offered Without GRE
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1Masters Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Masters Aeronautics and Astronautics, Masters Computational Science and Engineering
Purdue University16Masters Computer Science, Masters Electrical and Computer Engineering, Masters Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Masters Ecological Sciences and Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology701Masters in Computer Science, Masters in Information Systems
The University of DaytonN/AMasters Civil Engineering, Masters Mechanical Engineering, Masters Computer Engineering, Masters Electrical Engineering, 
California State UniversityN/AMasters Civil Engineering, Masters Mechanical Engineering, Masters Chemistry
Boston University112Masters Artificial Intelligence, Masters Computer Information Systems, Masters Applied Data Analytics, Masters Bioinformatics, Masters Robotics and Autonomous Systems
University of Cincinnati601Masters in Computer Science
University of North Texas1001Masters in Data Science
George Mason University801Masters Civil & Infrastructure Engineering, Masters Health Informatics, Masters Data Analytics Engineering, Masters Applied and Engineering Physics
Northeastern University342Masters Computer Science, Masters Computer Systems Engineering, Masters Industrial Engineering, Masters Data Analytics Engineering, Masters Civil Engineering,

Masters in Business Analytics in USA Without GRE

Masters in Business Analytics in the USA is fast gaining popularity among International Students. Tuition fees range between INR 15 lakhs to 60 lakhs per annum on an average. There is a tremendous market demand for skilled professionals who can study and analyze business data for forecasting, predictive analytics, & business decisions for management, etc.

While one of the primary admission requirements is GRE scores, one has also the option to pursue an Masters in business analytics in the USA without GRE. Some institutions may allow you admission without asking for your score in the standardized GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) test. Let’s check them out!

Universities for Masters in Business Analytics in USA Without GRE

  • New York University– The admission requirements do not mention standardized GRE test minimum cut-offs for admission to Masters in Data Analytics. However, IELTS band score recommendation is 7.0 and 100 for TOEFL.
  • The University of Chicago– The University of Chicago also didn’t force GRE scores for an Masters in Data Analytics.  However, if you think that GRE score will support your application, you can include your scores.
  • Indiana University Bloomington– Indiana University offers MA in Data Analytics. The admission criteria include Personal statements, three LORs (letters of recommendation), academic mark sheets, CV/resume, and English tests TOEFL or GRE scores. But GRE test scores waiver is there for students applying for an online certificate.
  • Northwestern University– Northwestern University offers Masters in Data Analysis. The admission criteria includes an undergraduate degree certificate, a good academic track record, and preferably some research/work experience. GRE score is not mandatory. However, good scores enhance admission chances.
  • Tufts University– GRE scores are waived for Masters in Data Science for those students who have a total of five years of industry experience with permanent residency or citizenship of the US.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology– For its MA in data analytics score, applicants having a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their bachelor’s degree course from a reputed and accredited institution will have GRE scores waived off. They also need two LORs (letters of recommendation), while international students need to submit IELTS/TOEFL scores.
  • Johns Hopkins University– International students needn’t to submit GRE score for Masters in Data Analytics
  • George Washington University– GRE score is not mandatory for its Masters in Data Science course. However, TOEFL 550 (paper-based) or 80 (internet-based) scores are compulsory along with 6.0 in IELTS academic. In case of PTE, scores should be 53.
  • Brown University– Brown University offers an Masters course in data analytics. Admission criteria don’t need a GRE score. However, a TOEFL score is essential. Writing sample submission is optional.
  • The University of Dayton- The University of Dayton offers Master’s in Business Analytics in an online module format. Here aspirants need not to submit GMAT or GRE scores.

Universities for Masters in Data Science in USA Without GRE

Common Eligibility requirements to pursue an Masters in Data Science are GRE scores, English language proficiency test scores, academic transcripts, and others. However, you can still bypass GRE score requirements in some universities.

Masters in data science is generally of 18 or 24-month duration offered by many universities in the USA. It is one of the most in-demand programs in the USA, offering knowledge of subjects like data mining, machine learning, statistics, big data analytics, software development, data optimization, & business intelligence. Students are trained in analyzing data and applying insights for decision-making and problem-solving as a part of the curriculum.

Let’s check some of the Universities for Masters in Data Science in USA Without GRE

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington- GRE scores are not mandatory for its Master of Data Science course. However, individual applicants have to prove his excellence in specific academic areas.
  • Brown University-Providence- Masters in Data Science trains you in big data management and algorithms. There is no need to submit the GRE General Examination score for admissions.
  • Tufts University-Boston- The Masters in Data Science program is of one-year duration. Eligibility requirements include an undergraduate degree in STEM (science, computer science, mathematics, engineering, etc.). Those without STEM UG degrees may have to enroll in the Certificate in Data Science program. GRE scores are waived for applicants having five years of working experience and being permanent US residents or citizens.
  • Yale University- Masters in Data Science eligibility criteria requires submission of GRE general scores for candidates coming from non-native English-speaking nations and TOEFL scores. However, you needn’t score the GRE subject test score for this master’s course.
  • Johns Hopkins University-Baltimore- The university offers both online study options and on-site learning for specialized data science programs at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.  GRE score is not mandatory. However, a GPA of three on a four-point scale and Work experience is required.

Final Thoughts!

Masters Universities in the USA now place greater importance on an applicant’s academic performance instead of depending on GRE score. Today various well-known universities including some of the top-rated ones do not depend on GRE scores and focus more on letters of recommendation (LORs) and statements of purpose (SOPs). The application you have submitted along with your SOP, LOR and English language scores must demonstrate your profile to be strong enough for admission without a GRE score. If you’ve liked this post, please share it and drop a comment!

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