Why you should consider to study your MBA in Dublin (spoiler: career opportunities!)

Are you considering starting an MBA study? Possibly to enrich your resumé, personal development, knowledge or maybe you’re looking for a new challenge. Regardless of the reason why you are considering an MBA study, Dublin is definitely one place to consider for your new study! But why? 

Why Dublin?

Dublin is modern, multicultural, but above all, Dublin is truly Irish. As the Irish are very proud of their own identity this is definitely to be found back in Dublin. 

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and definitely 2022 approved, nevertheless Dublin also has numerous beautiful monumental buildings and art. Dublin is the largest and most metropolitan city in Ireland, with an amazing reputation for being safe to roam around for tourists Dublin is ranked very high amongst city trips as well. 

If you’re already a working professional that is looking for a way to enrich your resumé, Dublin is centre to numerous successful businesses’ that are always recruiting new talents. The Irish Times Top 1000 offers a clear insight into Irish businesses. As Ireland is home to numerous successful businesses regarding retail to pharmaceutical companies, such as Apple and Medtronic. Ireland, Dublin simply has it all. 

In addition, the peoples’ native language is English which makes Dublin the perfect place to practice and excel your English level. 

UCD Smurfit MBA

Next to studying for you MBA degree, Dublin will definitely not bore you or your social life. As Dublin is a city that offers pubs and bars on every corner. This does not affect the impeccable academic level of University College Dublin (UCD) as it is one that is ranked in the top 1% of higher institutes worldwide. Which will 100% look good on your resumé, which will only benefit your future.

If this hasn’t convinced you already then there’s a FREE webinar available LIVE on April 5th. If you’re interested, then do register for this as it will be one of your best choices yet and don’t hesitate because this will only benefit you and your future career. 

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