UK application to Uni

Are you looking to study at a UK Uni?

Uni Direct is a UK based company who support students with their UK application to Uni. We also help students who want to apply to study in other countries on degree courses taught in English. Below, we will give you a quick run through UK Uni undergraduate and postgraduate study options, outlining key highlights, entrance requirements and tuition fees.

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UK application to Uni
We can help with your UK Application to Uni

Pathways to study at a UK Uni

Your high school education is important and ultimately defines what subject you can study at a UK Uni. We help students apply for a wide range of subjects. In the UK, compared to the USA, students apply for one subject or a joint degree. Rather than an open programme. Sometimes, students need a foundation year before they start their degree course. Foundation years vary a lot and can be required if you have come from a different education system or need to improve your grades.

Help with your UK application to Uni

Uni Direct helps people apply for study any subject, from medicine to humanities and liberal arts subjects. The main system to apply for undergraduate degree programmes at University in the UK is through a centralised system called UCAS (the Universities and College Admissions Service). We are a registered UCAS centre so can help students apply through this system to any UK university for Bachelor level degree programmes. This includes for specialist courses like medicine and to the highest ranked universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and UCL. Applying for courses like medicine and to the top universities requires top grades and a high level of English proficiency. Most degree programmes are three years long, however, some degree programmes like medicine are 5 years. Many degree courses also offer students the chance to do a four year programme and integrate a year abroad or an internship year as part of the course.

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Postgraduate applications to UK Uni’s

Postgraduate education in the UK is quite varied. Students might apply for a taught postgraduate Master’s degree such as an MA or MSc or for a research based programme like an MPhil or PhD Doctorate programme. A taught Master’s programme is usually one year long in the UK, occasionally two years. MPhil degrees are a minimum of two years and PhD’s three years or more.

UK Uni tuition fees

Tuition fees in the UK vary depending on the course and university you want to study at. Below are examples and ranges:

Foundation years – start from around £14,000 depending on the university

Bachelor degrees – start from around £14,000 depending on the university/subject

Taught Master’s – start from around £14,000 depending on the university

MBA programmes – start from around £17,000 depending on the university

Medicine – £35,000 – 45,000 per year

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