Why I would consider to study at Oxford Brookes University

I recently visited Oxford Brookes University which is one of the top universities in the UK. I will be sharing my experience about my visit. Oxford Brookes University (while not being a Russel Group University) it is still a fantastic university. It has plentiful opportunities for someone looking to study at university but hasn’t got the grades to study at a Russel Group university.

About Oxford Brookes University(one of the top universities in the UK)

Oxford Brookes is located on the east side on the outskirts of Oxford, UK. Oxford is a large city with a population of just over 150000. The city is beautiful, with many so much to do. For example you can take a walk around the historic city. You could watch some of the sports teams located in Oxford(for example Oxford United FC). Or you could visit one of the famous universities(Oxford University or Oxford Brookes). Oxford is well known for its universities. This is shown as 24% of residents in Oxford are students, which is the highest in the UK). Therefore, Oxford also has a really good nightlife as well.

Oxford Brookes while not being the most famous in Oxford, is still a fantastic university. It is known for having teaching excellence and innovation. Oxford Brookes is also very diverse. This is shown as people from over 140 countries go there. Finally, Oxford Brookes offers a range of different courses. This is all something I look for in a university, and therefore I would consider studying there.


On my visit to Oxford University, one of the things I was most impressed with was there incredible, modern facilities. The campus spans roughly 110 acres with there state of the art buildings, fantastic sports facilities and beautiful parks surrounding the campus. I spent the majority of my time in the John Henry Brookes building. This building is 5 stories high with classrooms, lecture theatres, cafes and more. All of the buildings are easily accessible and all offer great places for students to eat, study and hangout in general.

One of the things that is very important to me in my search to find a university is knowing they have good sports facilities. This is as I would like to join a football team in university. While I wasn’t able too get much of a look at the sports facilities at Oxford Brookes. I was able to ask one of the people about the sports facilities there. They have multiple pitches for football, rugby, hockey, basketball and more. They also have fantastic gym facilities.


The accommodation at Oxford Brookes University is split into 2 different types: halls and private accommodation. They have recommended that you stay in halls for the first year. And private accommodation for the rest of your time studying at Oxford Brookes university. The halls are managed by the university. All accommodation is self-catered. I think this is good as it gives you a grasp on what it is like to get your own house. You will be sharing with at least 4 other people. This gives you a chance to make new friends. Finally, the halls are mainly all on campus, which is good as you are able to get to lessons quick and easy. However if you are off campus then its not worry as Oxford has a fantastic network of transport systems so it would take no time at all to get to the university.


While on my visit, I had 2 sort of mini introductory lectures. They were more to just give an introduction to the subject. But it was interesting getting a little taster as to what they are like. I decided to pick Geography and building surveying. The lectures work by either being in a classroom with roughly 35 people or a lecture theatre with 70 plus(dependant on what you do). For geography you often do a lot of field and lab work as well so it isn’t just sitting in a classroom making notes.


One of the the things that I value when looking for a university is their societies. This is as I want to join the football society and possibly another new one like climbing. This is as they are a great way to make new friends and a good thing to do in your free time. At Oxford Brookes there are over 100 student led societies. These range from cultural societies for international students to random ones like cooking and yoga. They also have many loads of sports teams. I am definitely interested in joining a football team. So that could be a reason for me to study at Oxford Brookes University.

About my open day

I started of by signing in at the entrance building. Then I made my way over to the John Henry Brookes building, where the open day was mostly taking place. I had a couple of hours before the geography induction, so I decided to have a little walk around the campus. After that I went up to a few of the stalls and asked some questions. These were mainly about sport, accommodation and transport. I also spoke with the people at the geography stall. At 11 I had my geography introduction which was interesting. I then had some lunch before going into my building surveying one. Once this was finished I was done and went home. I would definitely recommend the open day at Oxford Brookes as it is a very interesting university and a good experience overall. It is also one of the top universities in the UK, which is also another reason to consider studying at Oxford Brookes University.

If you are interested in Oxford Brookes University(a top university in the UK) or just want any general university application tips then be sure to contact us now.

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