[Hà Lan] Học Bổng Toàn Phần Bậc Thạc Sĩ Tại IHE Delft Institute For Water Education 2023


HẠN CUỐI: 1/7/2023

The new MSc in Water and Sustainable Development (Research) at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education will prepare you for a career in research, academia, or pursuing a Ph.D. You can apply for admission to the MSc in Water and Sustainable Development. If you seek financial assistance, you may have to apply much earlier. Start with selecting a track/profile and collecting the documents you need for your application. In the application, you will indicate your preference for a thematic track and profile, and your application will be assessed with this in mind.

The MSc Program in Water and Sustainable Development (68EC) is for students who seek a science-based MSc degree that is anchored in and prepares them for, professional practice. The Research MSc Programme in Water and Sustainable Development (120EC) is a much more individually tailored program with taught and self-guided study components. It demands an intrinsic research motivation and will equip and prepare students for a career in research, academia or to pursue a Ph.D.

Applicants can only submit an application to either the MSc Programme in Water and Sustainable Development or the Research MSc Programme in Water and Sustainable Development. First study all information published on this website about both programs and then decide which one suits you best with regard to your academic background, work experience, and career aspirations.

Please note that in addition to the regular or research master, applicants can apply for admission to an Erasmus Mundus program for which Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available.

Applicants first receive an automatic email confirmation. Up to four weeks later, applicants receive another email to inform them whether they are admitted. Applications are assessed using the criteria for the profile and tracking the applicants listed as their preferred choices – therefore, although it is possible to change profiles and tracks after admission, it is still important to choose suitable options in the application.

Students’ definite choice of the profile will be agreed upon after confirmation of financial support and an online meeting with their IHE coach. Please note that not all profiles and track combinations are possible – please check the website. A tip: study the information on the track and profile content to ensure you pick what is best for you.


MSc graduates receive a diploma and a diploma supplement that describes the program and provides an overview of the graduate’s results.


Academic admission to IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development may be granted to applicants who provide evidence of having:

  • A Bachelor’s degree at level B/B+ (US system) or upper 2nd (British system) in an appropriate field that has been awarded by a university of recognized standing. Exceptions can be made if a candidate is below this level, but has a substantial proven experience in the field of the programme and has a strong motivation to join the programme.
  • A good command of the English language, if this is not the first language. All non-native English-speaking applicants must satisfy the English language requirements for IHE Delft’s educational programmes.
  • A strong motivation to successfully complete the programme.

Several years of professional experience in a field related to the programme’s content is considered to be an asset.

Eligible Regions: Open for All


The application deadline is 1 July 2023, but if you seek financial assistance, you may have to apply much earlier. Apply through online application. You can only submit one application for the MSc Programme in Water and Sustainable Development.

You need to submit the following documents:

  • Certified copies of degrees/diplomas.
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts. Authenticated or certified copies are copies with an official stamp to verify that the copies are true copies of original documents. This official stamp may be from one of the following: a solicitor/notary, the educational institution from where the student gained the diplomas or the local council/local authority/local government office. Please include the official grading system used by the university or country, if this is not clearly explained on the flip side of the transcript.
  • Two recommendation letters. The letters should come from a person who is qualified to evaluate the applicant’s potential for graduate study. If you are employed, one of the letters will ideally be from your current (or recent) employer and the other letter from a senior academic member of staff working at the institution where you studied or performed academic work.
  • Copy of identity document.
  • Copy of results of English language test score (if required, see English language requirements).

If any of the original documents are not in English they additionally need an official English translation by a sworn translator.

When you are filling out your application you will be requested to indicate your preferred track and profile. Based on that, your academic admission will be assessed. Your definite choice of track will be confirmed after confirmation of financial support and after an online meeting with the IHE Delft coach.

Application Deadline: July 1, 2023 

HẠN CUỐI: 1/7/2023

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