Accommodation Options For The International Students

Accommodation Options For The International Students


Studying abroad provides access to a wide range of opportunities, including living abroad and experiencing various lifestyles. Students can find several forms of international student housing. Every type has a special benefit attached to it that students can take advantage of and enjoy! Once you've been accepted to your preferred university, you should look into arranging housing during your program.

Accommodation at university for overseas students:-

In some situations, your visa application will require confirmation that you have already secured housing through your university. In this instance, your university may assume responsibility for your housing, certifying your presence to the applicable immigration authorities.

Some institutions provide first-year overseas students with housing as part of their tuition. To ensure your spot, you must still follow tight deadlines for confirming and paying a deposit.

Residing On-Campus: - Staying in campus residence halls might be an excellent option to maximize your educational experience. Aside from the ease of being close to classrooms, it encourages students to mingle more frequently and become involved in campus activities and groups. Meal plans are frequently included in the price of residence halls. You may be entitled to breakfast and dinner, or possibly every meal, as part of the accommodation charge.

Residing Off-campus: - Some institutions do not have a single campus, therefore student housing is distributed around a town or city. Alternatively, an outside company that specializes in university housing may run alternatives for many universities in a city. In certain circumstances, you may find yourself living off-campus but in specialized student housing. This setup is frequently comparable to on-campus resident halls, however it is not attached to a school. It will be at a convenient location for students, with facilities and easy access to universities.

Renting for overseas students: - Privately renting can be difficult for international students, especially when trying to arrange housing from outside the country. A lack of awareness of a country's legal process for renting, as well as not being present to inspect houses, might make organizing in your first year of study difficult. It is also critical to be careful of rental scams targeting overseas students.

Your selected university should be able to identify businesses or landlords that may assist you in finding a suitable house, as well as any legal issues that may occur, such as establishing your identity.

Before finalizing a rental agreement, be sure the company or landlord is reliable and that the house you're renting is in a good student neighborhood. This is usually simple to determine because students frequently live in the same neighborhoods of a town or city.

Homestays: - Homestays are available in some university towns and cities. These can be organized by a university or by companies that specialize in this type of lodging.

A homestay family will provide you with a bedroom to stay in as well as access of their house's communal amenities. It can provide overseas students with not just a place to stay throughout their studies, but also a family to get to know and learn from. It may also be a less expensive choice depending on where you study.

Learning about the local area and culture from individuals who live there is one of the major advantages of a homestay. It broadens the ability to meet locals rather than just other students. You might also benefit from the additional language practice you'd get from your host family.

Points to consider when looking for accommodation:-

·       Are basic living necessities, such as furniture, provided?

·       Is there a study desk for laptops or PCs available?

·       Is there a kitchen with basic utensils and cooking supplies?

·       Are the bed sheets clean and properly maintained and are laundry services available?

·       Are there any extra fees for particular services?

·       Is there internet connectivity on your phone, or do you have to pay extra to use it?

·       What are the rental charges and contract paperwork required?


Students can find several sorts of international student accommodation, ranging from dormitories to renting apartments in the neighborhood. Each variety has a distinct advantage that students can take advantage of and enjoy! 

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