Tips and Tricks to crack the IELTS Exam

The International English Language Testing System is one of the standardized examinations to evaluate the English language proficiency of applicants who want to study in countries where English is the language of communication. Applicants have to score the required IELTS band as required by English-speaking countries to study. The IELTS examination assesses the applicants’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.   It is highly recommended to crack the IELTS Exam on the First Attempt since IELTS is an expensive examination. Hence you need to follow some of the Tips to crack IELTS. To pass the IELTS exam on the first attempt, students must focus and study well for all four compulsory sections: Reading, Speaking, Listening, & Writing. To help, let’s see some of the Tips and Tricks to crack the IELTS Exam on the First Attempt. Let’s dive in!

Tips to Crack the IELTS Writing Test

  • Improve your Vocabulary: Don’t try to use bombastic English words. But, at the same time, try to avoid using the most commonly used terms. Knowing a good vocabulary is extremely beneficial. Try to use less-recognized words to prove the strength of your English language vocabulary.
  • Stick to the word length: The writing section will contain two tasks. And it will be a lengthy section. The first task will include writing a letter of 150-word length. The second task will include a letter of 250 words. Maintain the word length, and do not try to write extra. No writing task should be left incomplete, and the entire writing section should be completed.
  • Avoid Grammatical errors: Focus on using the correct tenses in the tasks. Always try to use the right format for Sentence construction. Avoid grammatical errors. While it’s okay to commit minor grammar mistakes, major mistakes will lower your band score in the writing section. All the Writing tasks should be grammatically correct.
  • Complete the tasks within the given time frame: Practice writing letters and essays by timing yourself every day. It isn’t easy to generate ideas and examples particular to the question within 60 minutes for two tasks. Hence, take your time, practice, and slowly try to complete the tasks within the stipulated time frame. The more you practice to complete the tasks in the given time, the better it is for you.

Tips to crack IELTS Reading Test

Those with poor english reading skills will find it difficult to crack the IELTS test. It would be best if you were good at everything in english, speaking, listening or writing. Reading is considered one of the most difficult sections to pass the IELTS exam. If your speaking and writing skills are good, but you need to improve in reading, it could be tough to pass this exam. Let’s discuss the tips to crack the IELTS Reading Test.
  • Practice Reading: If you want to crack the IELTS reading test in one month or a few days, Start practicing reading as much as possible. Most people find it tough to read because they do not read regularly. Read something anytime, whenever you get free time. It will give you a better grip on the language reading. You can read any of the below-mentioned items: a) Newspaper b) Articles c) Magazines d) Books
  • Read it fast: Read as fast as possible if you want to become professional at reading english. To get better scores in the IELTS Reading section, try to read as fast as possible or even at a lower speed. Don’t try to read the English that is used daily. Rather, try to read general or familiar english.
  • Understand the Reading also: Reading doesn’t mean only speaking the words louder among people. Reading tests also evaluate your ability to comprehend, analyze and conclude skills. Focus on small details, and don’t try to read just aimlessly.
  • Divide the time: The reading test contains different reading levels; with each level, the newer ones become tougher than the older ones. Try to give practice time to both the simple and hard words. If you can divide the time accordingly, you can crack the IELTS reading exam in 8 to 9 days.

 Tips to crack IELTS Listening Section

  • Read all the questions at the beginning carefully before starting the audio clips. This will guide applicants to follow the recording correctly & give the appropriate answer.
  • Before taking the test, practice listening to recordings and audio clips. Follow listening to both American and British accent clips. It will make you confident for the test. Also, practice listening to mixed accents as well. 
  • Try to concentrate on the introduction of the audio clips. The introduction will contain all the most important details about the situation and characters.
  • Don’t just try to rely on the practice tests only. It will not be enough to improve your score. Try to listen to other kinds of general listening mediums like radio reports, TV shows, and documentary audio. This will improve your listening skills, vocabulary, and ability to write the correct answers to the questions.
  • Try to learn and polish all the vocabulary related to the topic of study.
  • To develop effective concentration skills, start practicing meditation. Try to remain focused while listening to the audio. It’s important to concentrate since the audio clip will only be played once.
  • Keywords and word indicators are also a very important part of the exam. Word indicators are signs of understanding the important details about the characters or situations in the audio clips.
  • After listening to the audio clips, applicants only get 10 minutes to write accurate answers. Save time transferring from the rough to the final answer sheet. Directly write the answers on the answers sheets.

Tips to crack IELTS Speaking Test

  • Rather than concentrating on just practicing, it would be better for you to speak to someone fluent in English. Applicants should speak English regularly with friends and family to develop fluency and confidence. 
  • Try to get involved in the conversation and focus on the questions.
  • Another best strategy is to construct the answers while listening to the questions so that you can answer them immediately. While answering the question, it’s okay to pause and think. Make sure you speak fluently and don’t stammer.
  • Use simple and small words so you can fluently pronounce them without making any mistakes. Don’t use long or complicated words in which you are not confident. Correct Pronunciation is the key to cracking the IELTS speaking section.
  • It is important to give answers containing details, information, ideas and opinions relevant to the questions. 
  • Focus on vocabulary and grammar. Ensure that you are using the correct tenses and grammar while speaking. The examiners judge your answers based on how good they are, not only on whether they are right or wrong.
  • To improve your flow in the English language, start practicing speaking on general and educational topics.

Final Thoughts!

IELTS is an important examination for applicants aspiring to study, work or settle in English-speaking countries. It is a high-level standardized English proficiency test that can be cracked easily with dedication, strategies, and hard work on the first attempt. This blog post, Tips & Tricks to Crack the IELTS Exam on the First Attempt, will help you crack the IELTS test for studying abroad. Please like and share this blog! Drop a Comment! FAQs
  1. How can I clear my IELTS on the first attempt without coaching?
First, you have to understand the exam format. Familiarize yourself with the different sections of the IELTS, such as Listening, Reading, Writing, & Speaking. Try to understand each section’s types of questions, time limits, and scoring criteria. Also, try to take practice tests to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Finally, create a study schedule that allocates time for each section of the IELTS.
  1. Which section to attempt first in IELTS?
Start with the section that you feel most confident about. You may start with that section if you feel particularly strong in a certain skill area, such as reading or listening. This will help build your confidence and set a positive tone for the rest of the exam. Secondly, if you are confident in your time management skills, you can tackle the longer sections, such as the Reading or Writing sections.
  1. How can I get eight bands in IELTS on the first attempt?
Firstly, Familiarize yourself with the structure and content of the IELTS exam. Understand wholly the different sections (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), their duration, and the types of questions you can expect. Determine your target band score for each section and the overall score. This will help you focus your efforts and track your progress during preparation. Finally, Time management is also crucial in the IELTS exam. Practice answering questions within the allocated time for each section.

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